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The Journey

Wes left his hometown of Grimsby, UK in his early twenties to venture out to Los Angeles primally to become a writer. It was there where he kind of fell into the field of addiction, behaviourism, psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He became fascinated with master therapists and leading NLP practitioners who could relieve someone that had been struggling for years with an addiction, a depression, a phobia (or many other vices) in as little one or two sessions, as opposed to the traditional practices that could take years. Needless to say, he was hooked with this alternative paradigm and approach, so he made a decision to study, practice and master these technologies so he could help others and form a career while still writing on the side.

Risk free proposition

After years of diligent study, and a 2500 mile relocation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he formed a practice and started to help people on a full-time basis with very impressive results. Without sounding egotistical he became so proficient at helping people in one or two sessions that he decided to include a full money back guarantee. When people saw that this was a risk-free investment with nothing to lose, his business really gained momentum from word of mouth, with refunds being almost non-existent because the therapy worked so effectively.

one stop therapy

Now, after relocating back to England, he founded One Stop Therapy in Poole, where he once again presents people with a risk-free proposition of guaranteeing the result that they desire in as little as one session. Making changes does not have to take weeks, months or years. Many challenges can be eliminated quickly and efficiently without going through a lot of struggle if we deal with the true cause. Web sessions and house calls are available for those unable to travel.

Why Choose Us

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Reliving Emotional Past Not Required

Willpower Not Required

Risk Free Preposition

You Don't Change, You Don't Pay

If Required You Can Come Back For Free

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