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Living with anxiety can consume your life if you buy into the idea that anxiety just happens to you. Many people forget that you are in total control of what you focus on from moment to moment. If you focus on all the ills in your life, and how life isn’t fair or that the people close to you don’t love you like you think they should (and a million other things) then you will have a recipe for anxiety. Some people get so good at this that it takes over their entire existence. The good news is you’re in control – change your focus, change your life.

So you don’t have anxiety, you do anxiety! Have you ever heard of somebody taking anti-anxiety pills and yet still felt anxious? This is very common because if you don’t eliminate the cause but instead try and deal with the effect then it’s likely that the anxiety will come back, regardless of how many anti-anxiety tablets you take.

However, like the old saying goes: eliminate the cause and the effect will cease, which is exactly what we will help guide you through in a one to one session. Using a multitude of the most effective therapies we can help you gain back control and focus on what you want for your life and create an exciting, compelling future. If we do that, then anxiety will be a distant memory. This can be achieved in as little as one session and at no extra charge, we will provide any additional follow-ups to make sure you’re still free from your old ways.

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Sue, Poole

Can’t thank Wes enough. The last two weeks have changed me so much. Wes has helped me get to grips with my personal demons – build on my self confidence and on top of that I can get in a lift without batting an eyelid (something before I would have avoided, to the point of walking up 14 flights of stairs!) all in one session! I love it that Wes texts and calls to see how you are getting on.

Andy, Poole

Wes was extremely welcoming warm and friendly. His enthusiasm for what he does clearly shines and I soon found myself opening up to him and we were discussing all manner of things before I really knew how we got there. And I was fine with that. I didn’t feel judged or criticised in any way. I mostly felt compassion and a desire from Wes to get the bottom of what was going on and why, and ultimately we did, together. Wes worked his magic and I can honestly say he tweaked my thought processes and as a result the way I felt about certain situations and circumstances gradually started to change for the better, and that can only be a good thing, right? Thanks Wes for your help and your continued support.

Mollie, Poole

I recently came to the office due to anxiety. With the help of Wes, I have now overcome my fears and can get on with life with no worries. I have tried various types of counselling with not much success before this. I believe that all the work Wes done with me during our one session was the reason for my success as well as the additional support afterwards. With the additional support, I never feel as though I’m in the dark, and Wes will only be a call or text away if I have a little wobble. I can not recommend the service I have received enough and I will forever be grateful to Wes, helping me find my true self again. Thank you so much for all your help.


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