Obsessive Compulsion Disorder


Eliminate your irrational behaviours!

What is your ocd doing for you? 


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) can bother, annoy or seriously ruin people’s day to day lives especially when these seemingly pointless rituals accomplish nothing except wasting time and energy. Doing this over and over can tremendously wear people down both physically and mentally until they hit a point of threshold. 

Why would somebody continue to do these irrational rituals day in and day out? Answer: because there’s always a positive intent behind it, and I do mean always. So the key is to change what this compulsive behaviour means to you and give you more elegant ways to meet the positive intentions without it being obsessive or destructive to your life. And the good news is this can be done in as little as one session. Like phobias, this behaviour has been learned (you was not born with it) and by linking a lot of pain to it, it can be quickly eliminated from your life.

By going back to when it first started we can challenge the way you’ve been looking at all your OCDs and help alter your perception and thus your behaviour. And remember if you do not produce the result you desire then you do not pay anything.  

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Wow wow wow… can’t recommend Wes enough! I couldn’t get through a day without my OCD interfering and getting in the way and now it doesn’t affect me in any way at all! After just one session I felt like a completely different person and my “special ways” seemed so silly and irrelevant. I was nervous about going and unsure if Wes could help me, but he included fun exercises that were relevant to me and what I enjoy! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID IT! Absolute miracle worker.

Liberty, Poole


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