Phobias & Panic Attacks

Overcome your fears in just one session!

anything learned can be unlearned 

Phobias and panic attacks can cripple people lives and really limit the quality of living day to day, from not being able to get on an aeroplane, to not being able to leave the house, to being afraid of certain animals or insects or public speaking –- the list goes on and on. The source really doesn’t matter, what matters is how that person is representing it in their mind and knowing how to change it.

Here’s the good news, phobias are a learned behaviour, and thus they can be unlearned. All that’s going on is a person has linked up (usually falsely and irrationally) that doing something or seeing something is terrorising for them. And the longer this goes on, the problem just snowballs and compounds and now the person feels helpless in trying to deal with it. Sound familiar? All we need to do is change the way that person is representing it from a state of fear to a state of no fear and we do that using very simple methods and techniques from an array of therapies. Yes, it can be that simple, and yes it can be done in as little as one session, and remember if we do not live up to this promise you do not pay for the session.

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Callum, Poole

After having a needle phobia for over 10 years and avoiding the dentist at all costs, Wes was able to get rid of my fear in only one session! I’ve now had some dental treatment that I’ve been delaying for a year, because of it and was completely fine! I can’t thank Wesley enough for his services and changing my life.

Mollie, Poole

I recently came to the office due to anxiety. With the help of Wes, I have now overcome my fears and can get on with life with no worries. I have tried various types of counselling with not much success before this. I believe that all the work Wes done with me during our one session was the reason for my success as well as the additional support afterwards. With the additional support, I never feel as though I’m in the dark, and Wes will only be a call or text away if I have a little wobble. I can not recommend the service I have received enough and I will forever be grateful to Wes, helping me find my true self again. Thank you so much for all your help.

Mollie, Poole

Caz, Poole

I would highly recommend Wes who helped me overcome my life long mask phobia in just one session during lockdown in 2020. He helped me to see things are not so bad, so I am now looking forward to anything in a social environment instead of dreading it. Thanks Wes.

Keith, Poole

I had suffered a debilitating fear of heights for the last ten years. This has made it increasingly difficult to follow my passion for hiking in high places. This afternoon I went for a ride on the Bournemouth Big Wheel and stood comfortably by the glass looking down from of the 8th story of the Hilton Sky bar. What happened? I spent an hour in therapy with the amazing Wesley Thomas who has freed my from my fear and phobia. I can now get on with my life and I now see some more summits in my future. Thank you Wes.

Sue, Poole

Can’t thank Wes enough. The last two weeks have changed me so much. Wes has helped me get to grips with my personal demons – build on my self confidence and on top of that I can get in a lift without batting an eyelid (something before I would have avoided, to the point of walking up 14 flights of stairs!) all in one session! I love it that Wes texts and calls to see how you are getting on.

Anne (London)

I hadn’t driven for 8 years following a scary motorway accident (having previously driven happily for 25 years). Wes was able to take me through a series of exercises and conversations and at the end of the session, he persuaded me to drive his car, which I did relatively happily. On returning home I gradually built up my driving hours in my own car and have managed to drive happily and regularly and even on the motorway to visit family in Kent which was my real end goal.

Wes has been so supportive to me and checks in on me regularly. He has happily dealt with any wobbles I have had, and I feel so much more confident in my driving ability. I absolutely recommend Wes and in fact, have recommended him to my own family.

Maddie, Fort Lauderdale

Wesley helped me overcome my fear of flying in just one session. I have taken six flights now in the last month and I flew with absolute confidence and no fear, no anxiety. I look forward to traveling now and can think of flying as a positive thing. Something I never thought was possible. Thanks Wes.

Amy, Texas

I’ve had a lifelong phobia that Wes was able to completely remove after one quick session!! He is an absolute legend that deeply cares about helping people. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help to end a bad habit, or ending phobias. Even if you are not in the area, he can do sessions over video chat. Do not hesitate to contact him, it really works!!


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