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You can stop smoking in as little as one session!

 freedom or enslaved?


  • Imagine if there was a way to stop smoking painlessly and without going through a lot of inner turmoil.
  • Imagine if there was a way to stop without the use of NRT and without putting on weight.
  • Imagine if there was a way to just stop and never desire cigarettes again.
  • Imagine this being you after just one three hour session.

Sound too good to be true? Well, if you think about it I’m sure you know many people that have stopped smoking on their own and today they still have no desire to go back. Do you ever wonder why can’t you achieve the same result as them? This is exactly what we will resolve during a smoking cessation session at One Stop Therapy.

I bet right now you have a tremendous internal conflict going on. On one hand, you hate smoking for the obvious health and financial costs, but on the other hand, you feel that you need cigarettes to deal with the stresses of daily life and thus, you have fears and concerns about stopping cold turkey. I know exactly how you feel, I was once a smoker too.

There’s an old saying; if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. What we need is something different. We will help you create a radical shift in your perception and completely alter how you look at and what you believe about cigarettes. Once you get your beliefs in proper alignment, all of your fears and concerns will vanish and you will find stopping smoking a lot easier than you ever imagined.

If we do not live up to this promise we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you ever slip up and start smoking again (even in the distant future), you have the peace of mind that you can come back and see us for free. Our sessions are all about delivering exactly what you want, we do not charge for our time, we charge for the results you desire.



Discover how your phobia could be eliminated in as little as one session.


Discover how your anxiety can be eliminated in as little as one session.


Discover how your obsessive compulsions can be eliminated in as little as one session.

Hayley, Poole

I was a 20 a day smoker for 28 years! I had one session with Wes in January 2018 and can proudly say I have not touched a cigarette since… no patches… no vaping, just Wes and cold turkey! I want this review to be candid and honest so I will say the first bit of giving was hard for me but I can honestly say it would have been impossible without his help. If quitting was easy then none of us would smoke! It was only by writing this review that I realise I have been a non-smoker for 2 years and 4 months! I just don’t think about it any more. I have never felt so healthy. And I feel free from the clutches of nicotine, no more pancaking of going out without my fags!! My only regret is that I never did it sooner. In the time I have quit I have saved just under £9,000! It was one of the best decisions to go and see Wes, I’m so pleased I never changed my mind as I was sceptical of the process and believed I was the one person who would NEVER give up. Thank you so much, Wes!

Tracey, Poole

I smoked 20 cigarettes per day for many years and I’m now smoke-free after just one session with Wes. I didn’t believe it was possible, but clearly it was! Wes also keeps checking via phone calls and messages to see if I am still ok and it’s now been over a year.

Kevin, Poole

Wes has been fantastic helping me quit smoking, today it’s been 4 weeks since I last had a cigarette after 23 years. All it took was one session, but it doesn’t stop there Wes has continued to check in every week to see how I’m getting on and is there any time I need him. Thank you Wes I will always be grateful for your help.

Margarida, Portugal

I have no words to say thank you Wesley for all you have done for me. It was just one session in your office in Poole and I stopped smoking indefinitely. I used to smoke 10 cigarettes per day for 30 years and now I’m so happy because I really feel free and healthy.

John, London

Going on three years now since my stop smoking session with Wesley and my very last cigarette and I have not looked back. Throughout my 15 years of smoking I had tried on numerous occasions to stop on my own but to no avail, only temporarily success was achieved sometimes in the month’s range, sometimes I did not last a day. I’ve been in many of the dreaded situations i.e. around friends that chain smoke, drunk having a good time and I’ve not been tempted once, it’s almost like I’m repelled from the dreaded cancer sticks. The session with Wesley was one of the best decisions in my life.

Veronica, Coventry

After visiting Wez at one stop therapy I have finally stopped smoking after smoking for 55 years, I tried hypnotherapy twice, the patches numerous times, will power did not get a look in. But thanks to Wez I finally cracked it, and will never put another cigarette in my mouth.

Steve, Grimsby

Wes helped me with stopping smoking cigarettes and cannabis after 20 years and many many times trying and failing to stop. I had just one meeting with him and now I am smoke and drug-free for 9 month’s and still going strong. I’m never going back thanks to this man. IT REALLY WORKS!

Molly, Grimsby

After 15 years of smoking cigarettes, Wes sat down with me and made me look at smoking in a completely different way. That was nearly three years ago (July 2017) and I haven’t smoked since. I feel way better in my body and didn’t struggle at all.

Billy, Grimsby

Absolutely brilliant bloke can’t recommend enough, I was smoking up to 50 a day for 11 years and after one session with Wes, I’ve been smoke-free for almost 2 years! Thanks a lot.

Sarah, Helston, Cornwall

Wesley is wonderful! I Stopped smoking after one visit no problem, he made is so easy! After that day I have never felt like smoking again. 5 years smoke-free. He also helped with other things, I am a better person because of the help this man gave me. I can not recommend enough.

Terri, Dania Beach

I had 1 session with Wes almost 3 years ago. I have not had even one puff or (for me) not even a single craving (that was just a perk for me; I guess I was ready). Not only that, Wes truly stands behind his work. He stays in touch with his clients like they are family. Genuinely checking on you to make sure you stay on track and offers his support (for free) to keep you successful. Years later he still reaches out to you. He knows the drill and genuinely cares about your success. I can’t say enough about the character of this man. Thank you again Wes!!

Sally, Fort Lauderdale

Having been a closet smoker off and on for some time, I was introduced to Wes through friends, some of whom had smoked for their entire lives… until they met Wes and had a chat with him, and never touched a cigarette again or had the desire to.

These friends of mine didn’t even know I smoked, it was my dirty little secret and only a few people knew about it. Smoking was something I judged myself harshly for; even while assuring myself it was no biggie because it wasn’t a regular “real” habit and certainly not an “addiction” because I would NEVER have one of those!

I finally decided to stop the B.S. and booked a session. Wes came to my house and spoke with me for a few hours, and that was it. That old sneaky ashamed person was gone, and so was my nasty life-threatening addiction. Never to return again.

And there are no words, for how it feels to look back on that chapter and know it’s done. I am all the better for it and incredibly grateful our paths crossed.

Adrián, Oviedo, Spain

 We sat down and did a therapy session to stop smoking and was fine for months, but I slipped up and smoked again so I called Wes and rearranged another session. This time we did the session over the phone (at no cost) and I haven’t smoked this 2017. I feel great today. Amazing guy, he helped to change my life! 5 star service.

Joshua, Fort Lauderdale

July 27th 2018 makes it 4 years smoke free! Tried many times over the past 17 years unsuccessfully but this time it worked and I’ll never look back!! I recommend Wes to everyone…

Hollie, Fort Lauderdale

Since March 2018 I’ve been ciggy free and have not once looked back after 23 years of smoking. Wes is fantastic and I can’t quite explain it but it works, he works, he makes you realize YOU work.!!!!!!

Cassandra, Wisconsin

YES! I smoked for ten years and after one session with Wes, I have not looked back. It has been four months and I have never felt better. He made something I thought would be SO difficult easier as he helps you see clearly. He genuinely cares and always checks back in, you will never be forgotten – BUT your bad habit will be! I would 100% recommend Wes to anyone looking to quit smoking or stop any other unwanted behaviors. He made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the session and whole process and I can’t imagine doing it any other way with ANY other person. He is great, you will not be disappointed.

Jenette, Ohio

Can’t say enough about Wesley and his passion for helping others! He was truly a gift sent from the Universe. One session with him and I became a non-smoker after almost 30 years of this dreaded addiction! Don’t look anywhere else, make the call and improve your life today!

Darren, Sydney

I was a smoker of 20 years and had tried numerous times to quit but failed. I tried champix, gum, vaping and even hypnosis. A mutual friend put me in touch with Wez and we did a 3 hour skype session. At this time I was vaping for about 4 weeks and just had enough. After 3 hours with Wez he totally changed my whole way of thinking and altered my mindset and I tell you “IT WORKED” I went straight outside and through my vape pen in the water and never looked back. The withdrawal process was not that difficult because I had the tools that Wez gave me to get through it, and Wez kept in touch with me every day to see how I was. I recommend to anyone who is truly ready to quit but is at a loss to how, to give Wez a call. Cheers Wez

Roy, Tel Aviv

Over the past four years since moving to Israel I have been totally surrounded by smokers, they smoke everywhere over here including indoors and in my office and I have zero desire to smoke, not even one little desire or craving. Thank you so much Wez. 

Craig, Gonubie, South Africa

After trying to stop smoking for years and failing many many times I went to see Wez and after only one session I gave it up and was finally free of the frustration that smoking was causing in my life. I didn’t have any cravings after the session and I don’t even think about smoking anymore. Its been over two and a half years now and the best money I have ever spent. Wez, you are a legend.

Nicole, Johannesburg

I used to smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day, I’m now 224 days smoke-free thanks to Wes. I’m forever grateful for your help and support in helping me take control of my health and make the decision to change my future. I no longer suffer from anxiety associated with smoking and my health.

I would encourage anyone who’s considering stopping smoking to chat to Wes. I felt completely supported throughout the entire process.

Xanthea, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Thanks to Wes, my husband and I have now both been smoke-free for over a year! He even helped us kick the habit of social smoking when having drinks! No cravings at all and we’ve never felt better! Wes definitely comes highly recommended!

Francis, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I can highly recommend Wesley! He helped me quit smoking in 2012 (eight years ago) and I have never picked up a cigarette ever since. It only took three hours, and I was smoke-free! Thanks for saving me tons of money and getting me to kick the unhealthy addiction.


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